Learn About the American Express Pay-with-Points Plan

AMT Travel is pleased to offer more benefits and peace of mind with American Express' Pay with Points plan. Even though customers of the American Express Membership Rewards program could cash in their points for frequent flyer miles with other airlines, good flights were hard to come by.

You'll now be able to buy any holiday travel package, airline, hotel stay, car rental, or tour entirely, or in part, with your accrued Membership Rewards Credit Card Reward points. AMT Travel can teach you how easily and clear-cut cashing in your points can be.

breathtaking-1180389__340.jpg Following you'll see just some of the perks you'll get:

-There are no travel restrictions – points can be utilized for all travel.

-10,000 Membership Rewards points will get you $100 worth of travel.
-Pay for all your travel requirements: hotels, cars, flights, tours, packages, foreign currency, insurance, and even airport taxes.
-You can even secure frequent flyer points on any travel paid for with points.

- Quick pay using points in-store.
-There are no concealed fees for using your American Express Card when arranging travel if you pay with points and your card.
And it doesn't stop there - our AMT American Express Travel Representative can also assist you in reserving any 1st and business class travel using your American Express points!

A Different Kind of Intimate Getaway

Taking an anniversary holiday, regardless of the amount of years with him or her, is the ideal way to re-commit to your partnership. It doesn’t matter if you are celebrating 5 years together in Amsterdam or twenty five in Cabo, going away on an anniversary holiday delivers all kinds of romance.

And for those who are approaching the 40 -year Ruby anniversary? Contrary to a honeymoon where couples primarily seek leisure, an anniversary vacation demands more preparation.

It is important to consider a location and itinerary that is appropriate for your marital milestone. For instance, wine tasting in Santa Barbara wine country might be suitable for a 45-year anniversary while a skiing in Colorado or going on a safari in Botswana may be better for a 5-year anniversary. Holidays such as these will give you a brand new understanding of the world as well as your connection.

And fortunately, there is a listing of destinations ready to go.

Principality of Monaco
Experience Monaco Ville, called Le Rocher, where you will be taken back in time to an old town with tiny, windy medieval lanes.

In the evening, visit the famous Casino de Monte-Carlo, where couples can get all dressed up and have some fun gambling.

Amsterdam, Holland

Visiting Holland’s tulip display is a intimate way to spend your anniversary. What you don’t want to miss though are the seventeenth century canals in Amsterdam, which haven’t changed since the time of Rembrandt.

Beaver Creek, Colorado

Why not rekindle your vows at 9,500 feet in Beaver Creek, 12 miles west of Vail, Colorado, where you can have the luxurious Trappers Cabin in the Rockies all to yourselves.

Cabo San Lucas
If whale watching is your thing, then go to Cabo to experience traveling humpbacks along the Baja Peninsula from the months of December to April.

Republic of Botswana
Go on a safari in Botswana to the Khwai Private Reserve which offers unparalleled admittance to the famous Okavango Delta and is positioned along the Khwai River on the eastern border of the protected Moremi Game Reserve.

Algarrobo, Chile
Fly to Chile to stay at the distinguished San Alfonso Del Mar and unwind next to one of the premier, sparkling blue saltwater pools in the world.

Let AMT Travel Plan Your Five-Star Holiday

Seasoned travelers and newbies alike are faced with limitless options when it comes to planning a vacation. Your fantasy might be to reach the highest mountain, to chill to the sounds of the seaside or to actually stand in the place you read about in your last book. sunset-698501__340.jpg AMT Travel, an American Express Travel Representative, can help you plan for your next holiday trip in style and luxury. With more than 25 years in the business, certified training and voyages to the ends of the earth, our travel advisors can help book you on some of the world’s most recognized cruise lines like Princess, Regent, Holland, and Silversea Cruises.

The cruisers sailed by these premium companies are 5-star hotels on water that provide nothing but the best; top amenities, personalized service, entertainment and on-shore adventures. AMT Travel always aims to exceed your expectations by designing the perfect trip for you. We provide the very best in travel and will take you to locations that match your interests and way of life. Considered a front runner in escorted American Express Tours, AMT American Express Travel brings you first-class destinations and travel models.

No matter what you seek; visiting Europe’s most prominent cities or going more remote somewhere far, far away, American Express Tours bring you endless possibilities with over 200 vacations in 60+ countries.

And... being a member has its advantages.

At AMT Travel, our faithful clients are offered pre-negotiated tour rates. Many clients return to AMT Travel because they understand the specialized packages that or specialists provide. Specifics such as getting an upgrade, keeping track of flight times, travel paperwork, exchange rates, identifying the right excursion or working out what to pack -are never your responsibility – it’s all on us!

AMT Travel not only takes you around the world 24, we also guarantee travel services around the clock. We make sure your travel is hassle-free, concerns-free and problem-free.

Your only job is to prepare your suitcase and leave the rest to us.

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